Can you swim?

On the 12th day of August in 2017, Livingston parish and many other parishes in southern Louisiana experienced tree days of substantial rain,we had over 20 inches. Some people flooded an some didn’t,I was one of the unlucky ones, I had six feet of water in my home. The night before the water actually entered my home we were able to pack a little bit of what was important to not just us,but our family and evacuate. we traveled to my aunts house, and she swore up and down that it wasn’t going to in her neighborhood, the next day there was water at the door step. Thank god we she owned a big truck to get us through the water so that we could go to her boyfriends house in hammond. Over this period of time the city I and many other people called home was filling with the muddy waters of the Amite and Comite rivers. Before we knew it our streets were devoured in water and there was water in our schools, homes and grocery stores.The first ┬áday of the clean-up process was the hardest, seeing everything you owned tossed into rooms across the house, family treasures shattered onto a sickening mud infested floor, and pictures you once adored ruined by the touch of water, made you cry more than anything. After the house was gutted we hesitated about rebuilding right away because we heard about all these report of contractors ripping innocent people of their money so we waited. During this waiting period we stayed in central with my cousin for about a month. While we stayed there my uncle birthday pasted and he was in town to spend it with us. That night we baked a small cake, nothing bid and sat around the little, old wooden table in the kitchen and talked about past memories. That same night is when I felt my family was really family. We were brought closer together and made a memory I will never forget. This event might have tore families, best friend, and communities apart, but put them back together even stronger than they were before.

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